Tuesday, June 26, 2012

July 8th: Baby Sister's Getting Hitched...

July 8th is the big day.  2 more days and my baby sister will have put on her beautiful wedding dress and gone from being Nicholle Howden to Nicholle Brainard!

Somehow we went from being little kids to the "were-old-enough-to-get-married-and-grow-up"stage overnight.  How did that happen?

I remember meeting my sweet baby sister in November of my kindergarten year.

I was the most excited 5 year old sister you've ever met!  We looked something like this...

I was SO thrilled that I was old enough to help Mom with this new little baby girl.  I wanted to be involved in everything!

The years flew by and we all began to grow up.  Our days were filled with:

- Hours of playing house in our backyard fort.

-Setting up Barbie cities on every surface in our bedrooms.

- Dancing to Michael Card in dress up clothes in the living room.

- Playing a game where I would lay on the floor and balance Cole on my feet and then catapult her across the room.  This ended after a not so successful attempt, which resulted in a lack of breathing followed by lots of crying.

-Hours of braiding and curling hair.

-Monday Dinner dates at my apartment.

-Spending a week on our couches watching Monk and Psych when I had Strep and Cole was recovering from surgery.

-Watching my sister and my future husband bond and become close friends.

-Getting married and having Cole up there with me, crying with me, and smiling with me.

-Telling Cole that she gets to be an auntie!

There are so many memories and emotions rolling around within me right now.

2 days is not only the countdown 'til Wedding Day, but also the countdown for Jason and Nicholle to leave and start their new life in California.

I am so excited for July 8th and for my sister to marry the man that she loves!  It is going to be an amazing day of celebrating, smiling, and laughing.

A part of me is hoping that these next 2 days last a little longer than normal because I know I will have to say goodbye to one of my closest friends.


I am so proud of the woman you are and so happy for you and Jason!  I know God will bless your marriage as you put Him at the center.  Thanks for being such an amazing sister and buddy through these past 21 years...I wouldn't trade you for anything!  I'm going to miss you, brown-haired twin.  Can't wait for Skype dates!

 Love, Your proud Big Sister