Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Joy comes with the morning...

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since I updated our blog and since our precious girl arrived in our lives.  What a whirlwind of a blessed year it has been.  Do you ever experience seasons where there are so many thoughts and emotions in your heart, it is hard to sit down and put them into words?  It has been one of those seasons for me.  Not even two years ago I was still pregnant with my precious Ezra and eagerly anticipating his arrival.  Little did I know that I would have a sweet girl and be in the midst of my 3rd pregnancy just two years later.  The Lord has brought us through a season of deep emotions.  Through sorrow and grief, fear and anxiety, as well as such joy and love.

A sweet friend mentioned a passage from Psalm 30 during our season of waiting for Nora and it so perfectly encapsulated this time of our life.  It says, "weeping may last for the night, but joy comes with the morning."  I have heard this passage so many times in my life, but I truly had never experienced it until these past two years.  The Lord so faithfully brought us through such a dark and difficult season and into a time of such joy.  The moment that my precious girl was laid on my chest a year ago this October, the emotion I felt was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  As I held that little bundle and saw her sweet little eyes looking back at me, the months and months of fear and waiting gave way to a complete joy I had been hesitant to let my heart feel.  Thank you Lord for this gift of life and the healing that only you can bring.

What a year it has been jumping into parenthood.  What a beautiful, beautiful phase of life it is.  It is such a mixture of cuddles, snuggles, coos, giggles, adorable outfits, precious interactions, milestones, and growing and changing {both baby and parents}, with dirty diapers, laundry, sleepless nights, sniffly babies {and parents} and loads of bottles being washed.  Both the sweet and the messy combine to make such a beautiful life.  All of it is such a GIFT.  As I look back and see how quickly this season is going, I am so incredibly grateful to be living this phase with my husband and precious little girl {and now our sweet baby boy on the way}.

Life with Nora has been such a life-changing journey.  Everyday my heart is so overwhelmed with gratefulness to be her mom and to be able to live life with her.   I love the morning snuggles and play time.  I love watching her crawl into her room and pull books off her shelf for us to read.  I love sitting at the table eating breakfast with her in the morning.  I love seeing her spunky and outgoing little personality coming to life.  I love watching her light up when Tim gets home and playing with her Daddy.  There are so many sweet little things that we have been learning and loving about our little girl.

Here are a few of our favorite things about our girl as she gets close to 11 months:

*Nora is wearing a few 12 month clothing items and is moving into 18 month clothing.

*She is wearing size 3-4 shoes.

*We are loving the pigtail stage and the fact that she still doesn't realize they are there ;)

*She loves to smile and greet people {especially her Daddy} with the biggest wide mouth smile.  She is very much a people person!

*She has the funniest scrunchy-nose face she does when she's being silly.

*She gives the sweetest little hugs where she loops her little arms around your neck- absolutely the best.

*She gives big, open-mouthed, slobbery kisses on peoples cheeks {and sometimes noses}

*Such a speedy little crawler...she is SO fast at getting around.

*Standing on her own throughout the day and walking all around our furniture, walls and whatever she can find to help her maneuver.

*LOVES opening cupboards and drawers and emptying them of their contents.

*Will snuggle any stuffed animal or baby doll within her reach.

*Points at her stuffed animals and "talks" to them until she can get them or we give them to her.

*LOVES eating finger foods...some of her favorites are avocado, cheese, banana, steamed peas, sweet potato, black beans, puffs, and baked chicken.

*Says "num, num, num" with every bite of food she eats :) This is also how she alerts me that she's eating something she is not supposed to in other areas of the house...poor girl doesn't realize she's giving herself away ;)

*Claps as her way of signing "more" when her tray is empty.

*Loves other kids and babies...gets very excited and gives exuberant hugs/ brother better be ready for some intense cuddles.

*Very attached to her stuffed lion named Lucy.  She goes with us literally everywhere and must be in the crib for nap and nighttime.  Pretty sweet to see this affectionate side coming out.

*Crosses her little feet in the high chair and her car seat {melts this Mama's heart}

*Very cuddly and loves to give snuggles once she slows down :)

*Starts clapping her little hands every time she hears other people clapping.

*Loves to dance whenever she hears music...starts bobbing her head and bouncing up and down.

*Loves crawling on the floor with her daddy and playing with him.

*Enjoys climbing up and rocking in her rocking chairs and has recently discovered how to stand in them {yikes!}

*Has figured out how to take off her cloth is in a onesie at all times {and yes, this was discovered on a poopy diaper}

*Very into books and sits and turns the cute!

*Says, "mama", "dada", "bye bye", "num num" and waves hi and bye.

*Loves animals {especially dogs and cats} and wants to hug and pet them.

We are so thankful for our Nora Danae and the joy she brings everyday.  God is so good and we do not take this gift for granted.